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Chinese Language

The school aims to cultivate pupils' interest in Chinese Language and further develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through various platforms. 

Programmes are organised to engage pupils and support learning. These programmes include the Mother Tongue Language Fortnight programmes, language and cultural camps, overseas immersion trip, enrichment classes and Chinese theatre exposure programme. 

Key Programmes and Activities:

1) Mother Tongue Language Fortnight

Programmes are conducted for various levels during the MTL Fortnight to create an immersive environment for the learning of Chinese Language.

P1 to P6 MTL Fortnight Activities (CL).jpg

2) P3 Mother Tongue Cultural Camp

MTL Cultural Camp is conducted to instil greater interest and passion in the learning of MTL, as well as enable pupils to appreciate one another's culture through cross-cultural experiences.
P3 MTL Cultural Camp.jpg

3) P1 Communication & Performing Arts in Chinese 

    P2 Chinese Speech & Drama

In line with MOE's initiative to Teach Less, Learn More (TLLM), the course aims to better engage pupils in the learning of Chinese through interesting and fun learning activities, while building on their speaking and performing skills.

3. P1 Speech & Drama Collage.jpg

4) P5 China Immersion Trip (2014)

To immerse students in Chinese language and cultures, the school has organised the China Immersion Trip for selected Primary 5 pupils. The pupils interacted with pupils from Puming Normal School in Shanghai. Through the learning journey and classroom experience, they have made new friends and foster bonding with their teachers and friends.

China Trip 2014.jpg

5) Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Chinese New Year concert was a joyous celebration, with exciting programmes put up by our teachers and pupils. There were musical performances by the Harmonica group, dance performances by the Chinese dance and International dance groups, song performances, storytelling and skit on Chinese Lunar New Year customs and traditions. 

6) iMTL Portal (Online Learning) - P4 & P5

iMTL portal serves as a good interactive online portal for pupils to complete online tasks, post their views, post video recording and even interact with their peers. This is an interesting mode of learning for the pupils.

7) Level Competitions - P1 to P6

To create a vibrant MTL learning environment in school, level competitions are organised for all levels, such as story-telling, creative writing, language quizzes, etc. Besides aiming to raise pupils' Mother Tongue proficiency, the level competitions also serve as platforms for pupils to showcase their skills and talents.

Resources for Parents

1) Oracy eLand Parents brochure (English Version)
2) Oracy eLand Parents brochure (Chinese Version)

Useful Chinese Websites

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  2. 小学华文教材数码教学资源

  3. 听说E乐园  

  4. 语文游戏乐翻天

  5. 欢乐小镇

  6. 大拇指

  7. 文化桥

  8. 早报网

  9. OMY 网站

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